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October Book Reviews

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Really Bad Girls Of The Bible
By Liz Curtis Higgs, Authentic, £10.99
The is the second in a popular series of books that features the author’s unique brand of "girlfriend theology."  It examines various biblical women gone bad and the lessons their lives can teach readers.  Mistakes in the lives of Bathsheba, Jael, Herodias, Athaliah, Tamar, and other ‘really bad’ girls can help women today find their way back to a better path.

Dog Tales And Pup Parables
By Janet Decaster Perrin, Authentic, £8.99
Jesus used simple stories from everyday life to illustrate deep spiritual truths. Here Janet D. Perrin shares delightful stories from everyday experiences with her dogs to help illustrate biblical truths. Readers join the author as she walks her dog, prays, and receives insight from the Holy Spirit. These delightful stories will encourage readers by how much God cares about their everyday concerns.

St Aidan's Way of Mission - Celtic insights for a post-Christian world
By Ray Simpson, BRF, £7.99 
Surveying the life and times of Aidan of Lindisfarne, this book provides insights on missional approaches that will inspire Christians today.  As in his previous BRF book, Hilda of Whitby, Ray Simpson shows that such figures from the past can provide models for Christian life today. An author and speaker on Celtic spirituality with a worldwide reputation, Simpson combines historical fact with spiritual lessons in a highly accessible style, which will appeal to a wide audience.

The Church and Boys - making the connection
By Nick Harding, BRF, £8.99
Why are men and boys so under-represented in churches? Why do churches find it so difficult to cater for boys? What would help boys in church grow into mature men of faith?  Nick Harding spells out the problems and encourages churches to see this challenge in missional terms.

The book offers resources, suggestions and ideas to help boys connect better with the church, with the Bible, and with the Christian faith. Subjects covered include:  what boys are like; how this affects their view of church; how to include boys; prayer with boys; the Bible with boys; activities with boys; mentoring and supporting boys; mission to boys; when boys become men.

Come into the Light - Church Interiors for the Celebration of Liturgy
By Daniel McCarthy & James Leachman, Canterbury Press, £18.99

This is an illustrated handbook for understanding the architecture of a church and the arrangement of its interior for the celebration of the liturgy. It offers great practical wisdom to all Christian communities as they reflect on their liturgy and on the buildings in which God is made present daily in ritual and symbol.

The book aims to build an understanding of the constituent features of church buildings, the role they have in worship and the spirit with which they are imbued, so that all who enter today's sacred spaces may find the authentic presence of the living God. Those who read, preach, preside or in any way take part in worship will find great practical inspiration here.

Abiding Grace
By Rupert Bristow, Kevin Mayhew, £11.99
The later years of life are also filled with blessings and challenges. Here is a storehouse of prayers that enable the reader to reflect and meditate on them. 
Abiding Grace begins with a reminder that there is much indeed to rejoice in, be that the simple joys of laughter and retirement.  Rupert then gently guides the reader through the anxieties and worries that are part of growing old. Regrets and mistakes are brought before God and through His grace we are released from our past.
Abiding Grace is a rich and much needed aid for anyone turning to prayer in later life. Indeed, as Rupert writes, it is through God’s saving grace and an awareness of His presence in our lives, ‘that we can all seek to make the seamless transition from life to death without fear or regret, but in confidence and trust.’

Forgotten Bible Stories
By Margaret McAllister and Alida Massari, LionHudson, £9.99
Here is an elegantly illustrated collection of 13 lesser-known Bible stories. These tales of often-forgotten people were specially chosen for their care and compassion towards the vulnerable, and their (sometimes unexpected) strength of character. Balaam, Hagar, Mephibosheth, Naboth’s Vineyard, The Widow, Naaman’s Servant, Ebedmelech, Elizabeth, Centurion, The Servants in the Courtyard, Dorcas, Barnabas, Eunice and Philemon.

Cat Psalms – prayers my cats have taught me
By Herbert Brokering, LionHudson, £7.99
"Cats help me pray," says Herbert Brokering. This collection of whimsical, insightful psalms, or prayers, is based on Brokering's observations of cats he has known through his life - farm cats, house cats, alley cats. Each psalm expresses an observation about a cat's nature, written in the "voice" of the cat, followed by a prayer in which the human spirit speaks of its cat-like nature to God. Cat Psalms is for those who wish to pray more deeply, with more imagination and understanding, and offers fresh ways to see ourselves and new ways to pray.

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