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 all in the month JANUARY

It was:

100 years ago, on 5th Jan 1919, that the German Workers' Party was founded by Anton Drexler. In February 1920 it was renamed the National Socialist German Workers' party - better known as the Nazi Party.

90 years ago, on 6th Jan 1929 that Mother Teresa arrived in Calcutta, India to begin working with the poor and sick.

80 years ago, on 26th Jan1939 that General Franco's forces captured Barcelona as part of the Spanish Civil War.

70 years ago, on 1st Jan 1949 that the British Nationality Act came into effect.  It established the status of 'Citizen of the United Kingdom and Colonies' and granted those citizens the right to enter and live in the United Kingdom.

60 years ago, on 8th Jan 1959 that Charles De Gaulle was inaugurated as President of France.

50 years ago, on 30th Jan 1969 that the Beatles gave their last public performance, on the roof of Apple Studios in London.

40 years ago, on 7th Jan 1979 that Vietnamese troops captured the Cambodian capital Phnom Phenh and overthrew Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge government.

30 years ago, on 8th Jan 1989 that the Kegworth air disaster took place.  A British Midland Boeing 737 crashed onto the M1 motorway in Leicestershire while attempting an emergency landing at East Midlands Airport.  47 people were killed and 74 injured.

20 years ago, on 1st Jan 1999 that the Euro officially became the new currency in 11 European countries.  (Coins and banknotes entered circulation in Jan 2002.)

10 years ago, on 20th Jan 2009 that Barack Obama was inaugurated as the 44th President of the USA.