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October is the time of year when our thoughts turn to Harvest.  This year our churches are joining SWtogether to have our Harvest Festival at All Saints, Woodchurch on 7th October.  This year hasn’t been an easy one for farmers with extremes of weather affecting their crops and the feed available to livestock.  It looks likely that we will have to pay more for our food, which is only fair after the difficulties in its production but which will cause difficulties for some 

However this is a good time of year to reflect with gratitude about the fact that most of us in this country do have enough to eat, and most of us have access to a good diet.  For those of us who are Christians there is a meal at the heart of our faith, as described in the poem The Song of the Reapers by James Kirkup, part of which is quoted below:-

Now from this first
Pure sheaf the bread is baked.
And offered, fragrant, fresh,
To God - Who thirst
And hunger shall be slaked
By holy wine, fed by this flesh.

For when we eat
This bread that is new-made
We take into our blood
His grace, our meat,
By faith, the earth is fed
And by His love we have our bread.

Harvest is a particularly good time to be grateful for all of God’s provision. October is also a time of darkening evenings.  All Soul’s is on 1st November – the old name is All Hallows so it is where we get Halloween from as it is short for All Hallows eve.  This is when the church traditionally remembers those who have died.  This year we will have just one service and we will write all the names in a book and place it on the altar with prayer.  The service will be at Bethersden on 4th November which is the nearest Sunday and will be at 6.00pm.  If you would like to have the name of a friend or relative in the book please let myself or Carol know by 26th October.

May God bless us all this harvest time,