A Baptism is a special day for all your friends and family to enjoy and a wonderful start to your child’s journey of faith and welcoming into God’s family to grow and learn. Baptisms are also called Christenings.

You can be baptised at any age, a baptism is not just for babies and small children.

As well as baptisms we also offer a ‘Thanksgiving of Birth Service’ this a beautiful way to welcome the newest member of your family and gives the opportunity to celebrate their safe arrival with prayer and blessings.

We usually perform our baptisms on a Sunday morning with our Sunday service

Please contact Reverend Sue to discuss booking your baptism at either Bethersden, High Halden and Woodchurch Church. You are also welcome to come along to any of our services.

Thank you for choosing one of our incredible churches to celebrate your upcoming baptism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do parents and godparents need to be baptised?

Parents don’t need to be baptised, but we can arrange to baptise you if you are interested. Godparents needs to have been baptised but not necessarily in the Church of England.

Do you have a minimum or maximum age for baptism?

No – anyone can be baptised at any age.

Can I choose the Hymns or have special music?

Yes this is possible – Revd Sue or Revd Mike would be happy to discuss your ideas.

How much does it cost for a baptism?

Baptisms are free of charge but we hope you might be able to make a donation towards the work and upkeep of our church.

Do I need to live in the village?

No that is not a requirement but we ask you to let your local Vicar know that your are having a baptism in one of our churches

How far in advance do I need to book?

Normally around 3 months ahead.